It used to be that people suffering from dizziness or vertigo were only given anti-dizziness medication. This meant that their sensory organisation and vestibular (inner ear) tests would usually show continued deterioration over time. But now, up to 85% of all patients don’t have to suffer because there are new treatments originally designed to reduce and eliminate many common balance disorders.

Many patients with the most common form of dizziness, BPPV, can be completely free of dizziness in 1-2 physiotherapy sessions at Physiatrix Rehab. Others may take several weeks of specific vestibular, balance, and strengthening exercises.


  • Improve balance, and reduce the fear and risk of falling.
  • Reduce or eliminate dizziness caused by movement.
  • Increase normal activity levels.

We are experts in vestibular recovery and offer these benefits:

  • Fully trained physiotherapists
  • Having good relationships with specialists
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Convenient location
  • Exceptional scientific facilities
  • No waiting listings