September 19, 2020

Do You Need Pre- and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Do You Need Pre- and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy RehabilitationSurgeries are hard on the mind and body, and they can leave you emotionally and physically weak. To deal with the surgery and ensure that your mind and body stay healthy before and after the surgery, you should consider surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation. There are two types of surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation, pre-surgical and post-surgical. Here’s more about them.

Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy
Before the surgery takes place, the primary condition can cause secondary issues and side effects, too. These secondary issues can cause reduced movement and strength, and can also dampen your mental state. They can also slow down your recovery post-surgery. If you deal with those issues before the surgery, you can make sure the recovery process is quick after the surgery and mentally prepared for the same.

Pre-surgical physiotherapy aims to get your mind and body in the best condition possible to allow for the surgery and its subsequent recovery. How does it work? Such a pre-surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation involves a set of exercises designed by us specifically for the health condition that strengthen and mobilize your muscles and prepare you for the surgery. It may even involve basic training on how to use equipment like crutches and slings post-surgery.

Post-Surgical Physiotherapy
On the other hand, life after surgery can be sedentary as you don’t move your body as much. This can not only slow down the recovery process but also cause your muscle strength to diminish, which can lead to muscle atrophy. A way to deal with this is post-surgical physiotherapy.

Post-surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation aims to reduce any kind of physical complications once the surgery is completed and quicken the recovery phase. It involves a variety of breathing and circulation exercises and advice that suit your health and lifestyle. These exercises start to move and strengthen the affected area, while we also guide you through the recovery process with ease.

Benefits of Pre- and Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
Both pre- and post-surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation have many benefits that can help you. They allow you to prepare for the surgery both mentally and physically; they improve and restore the range of motion post-surgery, reduce pain and inflammation, improve muscle strength and control, and increase your overall well-being and fitness levels.

They can even save you a lot of money by letting you avoid complications like muscle atrophy and weakness, and their resulting treatments. A recent study showed that even a couple of pre-operative physiotherapy sessions managed to reduce the patients’ postoperative care by up to 29% in the case of total hip or knee replacement. This not only saved the patients a lot of effort and pain but also helped them save up to a thousand dollars on healthcare costs.

Suppose you or your loved one are undergoing surgery in the coming months, or have been through surgery recently. In that case, you should opt for surgical physiotherapy rehabilitation with Physiatrix Rehab in Surrey. Our expert physical therapists design the routines based on your health condition and lifestyle for the best results. Contact us now.

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