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How-Does Shockwave Therapy WorkShockwave therapy is quickly gaining traction in the healthcare industry for many reasons. It is supported by science and has many benefits like:

  • It is a realistic alternative to invasive surgery or medication
  • It targets the cause not just the symptoms
  • It has an 80% success rate
  • It is quick with sessions lasting for 8-10 min

With so many benefits, it is hard to look away from shockwave therapy. Yet, there are many doubts and anxieties about it, and the best way to dispel them is by learning how it actually works. So, here’s a short guide on how shockwave therapy can help you treat your condition.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?
In essence, shockwave therapy is a treatment method where a device is used to direct radial shockwaves to a specific part of the body. A trained, experienced therapist uses this device to treat your condition. Here’s how the process works.

When you visit the therapist, the first thing they’ll do is determine the origin of pain. This can be anything from an injured muscle, tendon, or even bones. Once the pain area is identified, they will apply some gel to the area and start the preparation.

Once the gel is ready, the therapist will use the shockwave machine on the target area. The shockwave machine is an ingenious piece of technology. It uses a fast-moving projectile encapsulated within the main body that is controlled by a compressor. This projectile transmits energy to the applicator, that is, the shockwave machine’s tip to general radial shockwaves.

From the applicator, the radial shockwaves travel through your skin and into the target area. Your body absorbs these shockwaves. The therapist can set the shockwave frequency so that it only targets the intended target, without either surpassing it or falling short.

When the target area absorbs the minute shockwaves, it starts producing substance P. The shockwaves also cause hyperstimulation of the pain sensors. Both combined lead to improved blood flow and metabolism in the region. This leads to an increased growth factor that starts healing the injury.

Is It Right for You?
Shockwave therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions and injuries. It can target damaged tendons, bones, muscles, and connective tissues if they are hurting. In fact, it is so effective that it can also be used to treat neurological disorders like cerebral palsy and hemiplegia in some patients.

The process itself is quite quick and straightforward. A single session lasts only 8-10 min, but the result is long-lasting. As mentioned before, an 80% success rate makes it a viable option to treat pain. And unlike toxic medications, shockwave therapy’s side effects only include redness and slight swelling, which are too rare conditions!

Finding a shockwave therapy in Delta/Surrey is easy, but you shouldn’t go to any random physiotherapist. Shockwave therapy requires a high level of knowledge and experience, and should only be performed by the best. So, visit Physiatrix Rehab, a leading physiotherapy clinic in Delta/Surrey, offering various treatments, including shockwave therapy, low-level laser therapy, and electrotherapy. Book an appointment now!

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