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Are you suffering from neck pain, or does your neck feel stiff when you try to move your head? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Neck movement issues are very common. After all, your neck is a complex structure that links your head to the body, and it has an extensive network of nerves, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments. Due to such high use, the neck often becomes a stress point in your body.

Most Common Causes of Neck Movement Issues
Neck movement issues are caused by a variety of factors, some simple and some complicated. The most common cause, however, is physical stress that is caused by bad posture, accidents, whiplash, or concussion. Neck movement issues can also be caused by pinched nerves, degeneration, or simply aging.

The Solution
There are many ways to solve neck movement problems: medications, surgery, exercise, and physiotherapy. However, physiotherapy is the most preferred around Surrey. Drugs often only curb the symptoms and may have harmful side effects. Surgery is not preferred, as it is risky and expensive. On the other hand, working out works wonders, but if you do it the wrong way, it can worsen your condition. Thus, physiotherapy for neck problems is the most preferred.

Physiotherapy for Neck Issues
Physiotherapy for neck issues is a proven way to solve neck movement issues without medications or surgery. In a physical therapy treatment for neck, physical therapies are applied to the neck and corresponding muscles to reduce pain and stiffness. Once the pain and stiffness are reduced enough to not cause pain, the physiotherapist then begins an exercise program for your neck to strengthen it.

The goal of physiotherapy for the neck is to permanently reduce pain and stiffness so that it does not occur in the future. This is something medicines does not guarantee. Physiotherapy drastically improves the range of motion of your neck and develops dynamic strengthening to prevent pain in the future.

Common Physiotherapy Methods
Your physiotherapist will design the physical therapy that suits you the best, depending on your fitness levels, medical history, and age. Here are the two most common umbrella methods that are used to fix neck movement issues.

Passive Physical Therapy
In passive physical therapy, the therapist uses the treatment on your neck muscles without you having to put any effort. There are various ways to do this, including heat therapy, massage, ultrasound, electrotherapy, etc. This is primarily done to reduce pain and swelling enough so that you can start doing the exercises on your own without pain.

Active Physical Therapy
Active physical therapy is for patients who do not have severe movement issues, but it can also follow passive physical therapy for many patients. Here, you have to do the exercise on your own. The main goal of active physical therapy is to make the movement of the neck less painful by strengthening your neck muscles and reducing stress on them.

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